Current turn around time for custom wood paddles is 8 weeks. Only 2 weeks for the NEW Hybrid Paddle!

The Aku Steering Blade is designed for the active steersmen, the paddling steersman. For calm to moderate conditions, the Aku allows you to hammer with the rest of your crew without the excessive fatigue associated with paddling a larger steering blade. The Aku was also designed to be an effective seat five steering blade to help out when needed.

Because steering blades take the most abuse, we felt it necessary to build our steering blades with strength and durability in mind. We start with a vertical shaft layup that extends from the handle to the tip of the blade. In addition, we use a braided fiberglass biaxial sleeve around the shaft to reinforce this high-stress area. We add our special edging to increase the life of your blade. To ensure the blade itself is thoroughly strengthened, we use a selection of carbon fiber and fiberglass on both sides of the blade. The Aku comes in both straight and double-bend shafts. 

 The Aku comes in both straight and double-bend shafts.

Specs: 20"L x 9.5"W, 9.75"W, 10"W
If you select Custom Artwork, we will contact you by email with information with instructions on how to send us your custom artwork. Artwork is  quarter or half blade only. We no longer offer full blade artwork.


AKU Steering Blade

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