What is the turn around time for paddles for US based orders? 

 Custom wood blades:

  • 6-8 weeks 

Hybrid blades: 

  • 1 week (off peak) 
  • 2 weeks (peak period)

 How long does shipping take? 

7-14 days after the blade has been made 

How much does shipping cost in the United States? 

Item  Cost of shipping 
1 paddle blade 25 USD
Paddle cover 

10 USD 

Paddle bag 

15 USD


Do you offer discounts on team sets? 
On orders where there are 6+ blades, yes a discount is added. 

What's the best way to order a Kai Ko'o blade?

Via one of our distributors. Please see the 'Contact us' page for more details on who to contact in your region. If you're still unsure, please reach out to our company's email.