What is the turn around time for paddles for US based orders? 

Custom Wood Paddles:
  • 6 plus weeks, we will notify you if it is longer. This is just a guesstimate of time to process your order. All wood paddles are made to order. Depending on current orders, this turnaround time can/may change +/-. Thank you for your patience.

Hybrid Paddles

        • 1 week in most cases; we will notify you if it is longer


          Do you offer discounts on team sets?
          We offer a 10% discount on orders of 6 or more Paddles.


          What are your shipping costs?
          Shipping costs are located on our Shipping Information page - the link is in our footer.


          Are Kai Ko'o Paddles available in stores?
          The most direct way to get your custom paddle is to order online. However, we are available in some shops in Hawai'i, and via distributors in Florida, Australia, Hong Kong.

          Please see the 'Contact us' page for more details on where to find us in your area. If you're still unsure, please email Steve at kaikoopaddles@gmail.com.