Current turn around time for custom wood paddles is 8 weeks. Only 2 weeks for the NEW Hybrid Paddle!

The Kala blade was created with the female paddler in mind, but we quickly realized its great potential for both men and women. Comfort was paramount when we designed this blade. With it's smaller diameter shaft and handle, paddlers are able to take advantage of a full encompassing grip, which leads to a stronger pull with less hand and forearm fatigue. With a smaller overall blade surface area, the Kala will not overwhelm the paddler in the face of long distance runs and or higher stroke rates.

The blade is constructed of a combination of lightweight woods such as Balsa, Cedar, Basswood, and White Pine. We use a vertical shaft for unparalleled strength. Carbon fiber and fiberglass mesh add strength and protection to the blade. Our special edging adds protection and longevity to the paddle's edge without chipping or cracking. Our "D" grip handle adds comfort as well as an ergonomic advantage throughout the stroke. Our dihedral adds strength and stability throughout the entire power phase. The Kala comes in both straight and double-bend shafts. You can color coordinate both the edging and Kai Ko'o sticker to your liking. 

  • Weight: 17-18oz
  • Width: 9"- 9.25"
  • Length: 16.75"
If you select Custom Artwork, we will contact you by email with information and instructions on how to send us your custom artwork. Artwork is  quarter or half blade only. We no longer offer full blade artwork.


KALA Race Blade

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