"The more time you put in, the more results you get" - Team Rider: Chauncey Cody.

"When I was in high school my friends would paddle for the school team, and they convinced me to join my senior year.

One of my goals is to try and do as many big worldwide races as I can.  I've been lucky enough to race the Moloka'i Hoe, Solo, Relay, Queen Liliʻuokalani, Eono, Muai Nui, and Na Pali in Hawaiʻi, and the Te Aito, and Hawaiki Nui in Tahiti.  This year I'm doing Maui to Molokaʻi." 

Chauncey's comprehensive list of races he's competed in has made him a regular face at regattas in Hawaii racing both the six-man and on his single (V1/OC1). However, like many paddlers in the sport, he's got his eyes set on the global stage. It’s really great to see paddlers taking that step to race the Te Aito and the Hawaiki Nui. 

In outrigger canoe paddling, it can be quite confronting coming to terms with the lesson's one is taught in the ocean. The lesson's Chauncey's been taught are: 

  1. It's pretty hard to win all the races!
  2. The more time you put in the more results you get
  3. Stay positive, it doesn't matter what you are up against, get to the finish/goal.

With these lessons in mind and as crews across the globe dig their heels in to the tough part of their training or racing seasons, it's important to remember the importance of putting in the time and staying positive.  

What does paddling mean to you? 

Paddling helps me stay healthy and happy. 

Out of the paddling blades from Kai Ko’o, what’s your favourite one and why? 

I like to train with the Opelu.  I custom ordered mine to be a training blade at 10.5" wide. I like the Papio blade for long oc1 races like the Molokai Solo. It's a little smaller than the Puhi, but the new Puhi has become my favorite all around blade that I like to race with.  I like the solid grab, the flex in the blade, and the balance.  

Which steering blade from Kai ko’o do you like using the most? And why?

I have only used the Tombo Steering blade and I like it.  The blade has a good feel and it sticks to the boat so it does everything I need.  I don't usually steer, I just jump in as a back up steersman for races. I'm ready for anything! 

To keep tabs on our team rider, why not follow him on Instagram @chauncey.man