Team Rider: Claire Stabile

If there’s one thing paddlers excel at, it’s being able to find a paddling community wherever they go. After moving from the mainland over to the 808 for her PhD, Claire Stabile soon found herself immersed in the lifestyle of outrigging. 
A researcher/ data analyst by trade, Claire is a firm believer in consistency, maintaining a positive attitude and a cheeky “Beer is better after the workout is done'' mantra. This wahine owes her finest accomplishments to  paddling. 
“Paddling is what got me through a very intense grad program. The community of paddlers, the drive to stay physically active, and being outdoors regularly has been great for my mental health. I owe my degree to paddling”. Such insight couldn’t be more relatable. 
If you were to ask any outrigger paddler why they’ve chosen to stay in the sport, many would agree it’s because of the warm, loving, Aloha spirit filled community. Paddling brings people from different backgrounds together. For Claire, it’s where she met the love of her life and now husband, Chauncey Cody. Together, the two are our two  Kai Ko’o Team Riders from the 808. Chauncey will be featured in our next blog post. 
When asked about the life lessons she’s taken away from paddling, Claire speaks glowingly of how it has helped to refine her core values; environmentalism and inclusivity.
Outrigger canoe paddling has encouraged her to be more mindful of how her choices impact the planet and her community. "I hope paddling can be a sport that anyone can enjoy, and for me, that means keeping our oceans clean and healthy.  I always try to clean up when I'm in the ocean."
Something everyone can take away from this post is our accountability and responsibility to our ocean.  
Of the paddles available from Kai Ko’o, we asked Claire what her favourite blade is. Claire reports back to say it's the Puhi Hybrid 2. “It's got a great shape and clean entry which has helped me with my technique.  It moves a lot of water but somehow doesn't feel as taxing as other big blades.
Her goal in the coming year is to compete in the M2M which conveniently also falls on her birthday! The timing couldn't be better.
We wish her the best of luck for the paddling year ahead! 
To follow her journey, follow her on her instagram: Sierra_Sunset
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