Premium Wood Blade - PUHI 49" Meranti

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The Puhi is our latest addition to our lineup. With the Opelu coming in as the "Big Boy" blade, and the Papio our smaller faced OC1/6 blade, we wanted to create a blade with a substantial bite, but not too aggressive in that it would leave you fatigued after a few miles. With higher shoulders than the Papio, the Puhi firmly catches the water and allows the paddler to apply immense amounts of pressure without slipping. We rounded the tip of the blade, which allows for a clean entry with little to no disturbance.

The blade is constructed of a combination of lightweight woods such as Bass, Spanish Cedar and Meranti. We use a vertical shaft for unparalleled strength. Carbon fiber and fiberglass mesh add strength and protection to the blade. Our special edging adds protection and longevity to the paddle's edge without chipping or cracking. Our "D" grip handle adds comfort as well as an ergonomic advantage throughout the stroke. Our dihedral adds strength and stability throughout the entire power phase. 


  • Wood: Meranti
  • Weight: 18-19oz
  • Width: 9.25"
  • Length: 18"